Rodeo is the clean and intuitive project management app for the creative industry. Getting results, made easy.

We are Rodeo. With our roots in Amsterdam’s creative industry, we know how time in this sector obeys different laws. Hours can vanish in a matter of seconds. To turn the odds in your favor, we created the best available project management app out there. So easy and intuitive, time seems to slow down around you.

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We pride ourselves to always be available for our customers, with a team of real - no ego - humans. We’re here to help set up and make sure our customers get the most out of our platform once using it.

Our platform is constantly improving and developing, based upon new technology, data and customer feedback. We are curious and brave.  Everything we develop should be fast, simple to use and above all: useful.

Our customers can trust Rodeo, because we understand what it takes to run a business. We’ve got your back with a super fast and reliable platform and can support you whenever and wherever.

👩‍💻 The team

Sander Vergouwen

Sales & Support EU

Karina Kuswandi

Customer Success Manager NL

Mart-Jan de Vries

Sales & Support NL

Rafe Usher-Harris

Account Executive UK

Caroline Haselhorst

Account Executive DE

Bart Jan Hin


Samuel Lee

VP Sales US

Milena Alexova

Growth Marketeer

Joanna Marlow

Content Marketeer

Maarten Dalmijn

Head of Product

Steffan Kohnke

Product Owner

Masoumeh Jannatifar

Full Stack Developer

Aleksandra Pavlushina

Full Stack Developer

Roel de Jong

Full Stack Developer

 Pieter Vos

CEO & Founder

I always look for three things. Can you teach us something? Can you be taught something? And then last but definitely not least, are you fun to be around?

Hans Leautaud, CTO at Rodeo in his interview about tech recruitment on StackOverflow

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